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Patented technology which conforms with USGA rules.

See what folks are saying after using Optimal Tees:

Kevin S. - RiverCityHackers.com

OK, one of my buddies bought these tees!.... Absolutely awesome.... I am a true convert. I will only carry wooden tees from now on to use as ball markers. Great product....For a full review please visit www.rivercityhackers.com

Ok for all you non-believers, I was absolutely a non-believer. After Kevin got these tee's I reluctantly tried one. (im a fairly stubborn person)....After the second shot from the tee I was completely sold. Kevin gave me one tee and two discs. I played 3 rounds with one tee. On the 18th hole in the last round one of the guys I was playing with wanted to give it a whirl. He made a good strike on the ball but launched my tee into never never land.....Fortunately Kevin gave me another tee to use the next time out.....If your a non believer but curious, I would HIGHLY recommend these tee's....I am now a GADGET CONVERT!

I was given a pack toward the end of August. I have played at about dozen rounds using Optimal Tee. So far I'm using the same tee. When I do hit the sweet spot (which I don't do a lot) the ball flight is great. When I don't hit the sweet spot, I know it's not the result of teeing the ball.

Jason K. - TheHackersParadise.com

I addressed the Optimal Tee and range ball and was quite pleased with the height I had chosen, after multiple shots I was happy to see that tee and disc were still completely intact for me, never having to go back to readjust. I was starting to like this thing. As I continued to work my way through the bucket of balls I noticed another nice little added bonus of the Optimal Tee. Every time I teed the ball not only was it the exact height I needed, but each time it was perfectly level! This for me is probably as important (if not more) than having the height correct. Nothing tells me big fat hook like a ball leaning hard toward the left because my tee is in the ground all crooked.

This product cannot guarantee you an added 50 yards to your drives, it also won't promise that you will never again miss a fairway, but what it can and does do is provide you with the perfect height and level tee ball that will allow you to focus on the other elements of your game that will get you those yards and that accuracy!

John S. - Ohio's Golf Magazine - OhiosGolf.com

The integrated measuring system allows golfers to measure all clubs, hybrids, fairway woods, traditional and oversize drivers to ensure proper tee height every time. The tee's 15 settings can be used to adjust the settings for different playing conditions and swing types. The key element us that the Optimal Tee provides the ideal reference point from which to make adjustments.

Even with a perfectly repeatable swing you cannot hot the pure tee shot without teeing the ball the exact same height on each tee box. The Optimal Tee eliminates that problem forever.

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