Optimal Tee
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Patented technology which conforms with USGA rules.

Optimal Tee Philosophy:

The driving philosophy behind the Optimal Tee is that teeing your ball, so the equator (1/2 of the ball) is even with, or just above, the top of your clubhead provides you the optimal conditions for the most distance out of your drive. Teeing the ball in this manner promotes higher launch and lower spin, consequently increasing distance off the tee.

Optimal Tee uses USGA specifications to create a patented formula used in the design of each tee. This provides you with the best options for teeing your ball, so it is at the perfect height every time.

Professionals agree this is the best height for teeing your ball.

Why use Optimal Tees?

What Optimal Tees offer:

  • The ability to consistently tee 1/2 your golf ball above the club head.
  • It's fast and easy to use.
  • Measure once for each club and tee it the same every time.
  • Provides a reference for increasing or decreasing your tee height in special weather conditions.
  • Snap ring can be used as a ball marker on the green, and even printed with a corporate or personal logo.

Why Optimal Tees are better:

  • Takes the guesswork out of teeing height.
  • Increases confidence off the tee, knowing the ball is always teed at the optimal height.
  • Maximizes trajectory, loft, and consequently, distance.
  • Snap ring provides stable launch platform and ensures effortless tee placement.
  • Eliminates need to mark tees for proper height reference.
  • Removes a key variable in addressing the ball.

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